Marcel Winatschek

When the Voice of an Entire Generation Fell Silent

When the Voice of an Entire Generation Fell Silent

Even today, more or less strangers still ask me by email, letter, and shouting through the open window what happened to AMY&PINK. The portal of good humor. The party ship of Berlin’s newcomers. The voice of a generation that never wanted to grow up, partied for three days in Berghain, and woke up one morning in the ruins of their denial of reality. The reflexive answer to the exceedingly individual question of why AMY&PINK no longer exists is: I don’t know. Maybe things just have to end at some point, before they are artificially kept alive.

At the beginning of the new decade, AMY&PINK was the digital destination for rebels, hipsters, and avant-gardists. We were invited by brands like Sony, Mercedes, and Microsoft to events all over Germany, Europe, and the world. New York, Toronto, and London. Rome, Shenzhen, and Los Angeles. Lisbon, Monaco, and Las Vegas. To get drunk with Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, and Frank Ocean. All because we wrote weird things on the internet, using swear words all the time, and posted vomiting naked girls and swastikas made of cocaine.

The problem became that I continuously maneuvered AMY&PINK into a spiral of what the fucks, from which I soon couldn’t get the site out. While in the beginning, everything was funny, ironic, and over the top, at some point a completely far-fetched professionalization of the content took hold. On the one hand, we had to be more blatant than everyone else to keep readers interested, on the other hand, advertisers demanded less exposed private parts on the front page. At some point, more and more irrelevant articles took over the front page.

If I were even a touch as cool as I’ve pretended to be in my articles, I should have doused AMY&PINK with gasoline years ago, set it on fire, and let it explode behind me in cinematic slow motion as I walked crazily smiling toward the camera. But I’m not cool. And I can’t let go that easily either. After all, the page views continued to be quite good. But in the end, I put way too much time into saving AMY&PINK that I should have rather invested in important things. Getting a real job. Having children, planting trees, building houses, stuff like that.

So one fine morning I sat down in front of my laptop with a hot coffee and purged the server. And I felt nothing. Nothing at all. It was finally over. Better late than never. I’ve learned a lot from AMY&PINK and the people who even had anything to do with it. But now it’s time to let it rest and start something new. After all, the world out there is huge and the possibilities to find happiness are limitless. You just have to have the courage to let go, to reach out to the unknown and let it lead you to new adventures - before it’s finally too late.